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Eddy Caballero is the founder of Ready Eddy Cash Offer, a cash home buying company. He brings 10 years of experience to every client interaction. He originally joined the Real Estate industry in 2012 to continue his passion of educating and empowering those that need help. He is a straight-shooter that thinks outside the box, and is always solution oriented. As a fluent Spanish speaker he also brings a level of professionalism and sophistication that is unparalleled in the Hispanic marketplace. He is always committed to the clients best interest and only makes recommendations where everyone walks away happy.

“My passion for helping comes from how I was raised. My mom always told me that we were blessed because she was always giving back – and its true. Everywhere we went, no matter if we were in a hurry or didnt have any money, my parents always extended a helping hand. Every time I meet with a client I always see my parents, which is where my compassion and diligence comes from” says Eddy Caballero.

When Eddy Caballero isnt helping clients, he enjoys spending time with his family and his 2 year old daughter Hazel who loves eating pasta. Eddy has to purchase a lot of homes in order to pay for all of the pasta that she likes to eat. He also enjoys going on outdoor adventures, watching documentaries, and playing drums. Hes an avid movie goer and Rock ‘n’ Roll fan.

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How did you pick the company name Ready Eddy Cash Offer?

How did you pick the company name?

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